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News Letter - April 2005

"The living need charity more than the dead."

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Saving Kids Program
The Monthly Newsletter

April, 2005 Keeping you up-to-date every month!

Launch of Website for SavingKids Program

Dear Friends,

We are happy to announce the launch of SavingKids website to the public. It has come up with lot of services like tell a friend, online donation and many more.

Why are you waiting? Click on the below link to get into the site and explore all the links.

Let us know your feedbacks and comments. We will incorporate your valuable suggestions.

There are some password restricted areas. Please get the password from the right side of this news letter.

Thanks to all who has helped me in making this site up and running. Thanks to Ajay Patter, Ajay Madhavan, Biju and Anish and off course our Praveenji! 

Thanks to all who has suggested a name for this program. Majority of the members opted for SavingKids.



Change in Mailing List

As there was some problem in managing yahoo groups, we have switched to Google groups.  BY this time all of you have got a mail from

Beneficiary Update

All the inmates in the ashram are fine. Praveenji has celebrated his birthday with them last week. Few of the snaps are posted on the site. Please have a look at it.

Welcome Message

Please welcome our new members to the group.

Kumar Kanoor
- Most of the initial members knows him very well. He was there with us in Bangalore. He is currently in Ernakulam working in Cordiant Technologies.

Amal Das
- Friend of Ajay and he wants to join this program as soon as he heard about this program. He is with Wipro and currently in Japan.

From his words

“I would love to be a part of this program……….. I really appreciate your effort for this charity program, but I know it's much easy to appreciate than actually doing the same thing and that's why I appreciate even more :-). Be in touch and take care.”

Anoop Balakrishnan
Friend of Mr & Mrs Ajay and he also expressed very much interest about this program when he heard about it. He is from Manjeri, Kerala and working with US Technologies, TVM.

“I am very much interested on your program………


So I would like to know the formalities to join your group so that I can give a nominal contribution to your great effort.”

Shaji –
Shaji is currently doing his Mtech at IIT. He has already found a place in Veritas

Mani Shafi –
Friend of Ajay from Wipro and currently he is in London.

“I have to appreciate the good work you guys are doing. Really nice.”

Please welcome all the new members to SavingKids program

   Person of The Month

As per most of the member’s suggestion, it is time to ramp up the group. There are so many other members like you, would like to join this group. But they may not even know about this program. They were waiting to here from any one of us. When we go for a coffee or smoke or meet new friends, you can talk about this program and mention about the site. If they are interested it will be of great help for our beneficiaries.

When you see the amount which we have collected for this year, you will be proud of this program. It is going to be 33,772 and we crossed just 3 months this year. And this will help our inmates and you are helping them.

So from this month onwards we will try to get new members into the group. Those who help in getting new members will be considered as Person of the Month. And finally you will have a Person of the Year with a surprise from SavingKids program.

Person of the Month goes to Ajay Patter. He and his wife helped to get 3 new kind members to SavingKids program.

Thanks Ajay for your support and Help.

The members who helped to get new contributors to SavingKids program for last 6 months.

Ajay – 5, Majeesh – 1, Arun – 1, Biju – 1, Daison - 6


Please remember about the group mailing id





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Funds Raised

Things to Note


Those of you haven’t transfer funds for the month of April, please do so ASAP.


March Funds


We are able to contribute 4850 INR


Funds Raised







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