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"A Donation is a loan...and God is the one who will pay you back."

There are different ways in which one can donate funds to SavingKids program. And it is nice to have you as a member of this program, so that we can keep you updated with all the program activities and newsletters.

1) Wire Transfer through Bank A/c

If you are having a CITIBANK( or ICICI( or HDFC( bank accounts, you can directly do a wire transfer to SavingKids Program Administrators account. Members will have the option to pay the funds for a year or they can contribute every month towards the program.

For monthly contribution it will be a small amount of INR 200. But its up to you to decide on the amount you would like to offer. We recommend you to send a mail to or Contact Us to get the details of bank accounts.

2) Donate Online

This is an easiest and secure ways to donate funds to SavingKids Program. If you are having a visa/master card, you can use PayPal service( to donate your offerings to SavingKids program.

We haven’t open online payment service to the public yet. We have restricted this service only to the members we know each other.

If you want to offer some amount through online donation service, please write to or Click here to use the online contact service. Administrator will reply back with the userid / password to access the online payment service.

To access the online payment service, please use the user id/password which has mailed to you by the savingkids program administrator

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To get in touch to offer comments or join our program, see our "Contact Us" page

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