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News Letter - March 2005

"The living need charity more than the dead."

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SavingKids Program
The Monthly Newsletter

March, 2005 Keeping you up-to-date every month!


Charity Website

We are planning to create a website for our charity work. Planning to have the name for our Program as ‘Saving Kids’. Above is the logo and slogan for the Saving Kids program. The other logos which are on consideration are

‘Many Hands Make Light Work’

‘Don't just be good. Be good for something!’

‘Helping others help others’


Please use the above voting button or click the link below


Beneficiary Update

All the children are having examinations now. Since its examination Praveenji visit them regularly. They are full in good spirits. Two have got prizes in panchayath level competitions. “When I see them I really feel rejuvenated”, Praveenji’s words on beneficiaries.


One of the students have got "manjapitham" hepatitis, we have given all the other students preventive medicines, so that they do not catch the disease.


Last Sunday was the committee meeting every committee members were really thankful and have expressed gratefulness to the efforts made by you and friends.


Mailing groups

As per members request, a yahoo group by name SavingKids has been created. Most of the members accepted the invitation. Following are the list of members yet to get into the group. Pleas do accept the invitation ASAP.









March Fund Raising

Please transfer your contributions as early as possible for the month of March. Please note that following members advance payment got over









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