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SavingKids Program 2005 Target Campaign

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"And now abideth faith, hope, charity, these three; but the greatest of these is charity."

SavingKids Program - 2005 Year Target


Actual Expense



Amount collected till now



Amount will be collecting for the rest of this year



Total Amount(End of Year 2005)






Amount yet to collect






How can we achieve this target



×32 is the number of new members we are targeting for this year

*500 is the minimum amount to take care of all the needs of one kid

*Figures are rough estimate

Yes, if we look at the above chart, Rs 500 is the minimum expense which will come to sponsor a kid during a month. And other than that we have so many other expenses.  For a year, it will come to around Rs 1,26000 and out of which we have collected or going to collect Rs 62922.

We have to add Rs 51200 to the program to make it to the target and if we get all your help and support it will be really simple. We have to get only 32 new members towards this program during next 2 months.

I know we can do it.  Now we are more than 30 contributors/ supporters for this program. Each one of us can add one single new member, we are there. Is that tough for us to get one new member? Just ask yourself the same question.

Here are some of the ways in which you can silently communicate about SavingKids program among your friends, Colleagues etc.

1.        Add a signature about our program website in your office/personal email.

2.       Send a group mail to your small company group, friends circle. Most of you will be having small email groups within your vertical/business units etc. Get permission from group email owner and send a mail to the group.

3.       Add a site link to any of the good websites which you know. If you are having any personal websites, you can add it there too. Let me know if you need any banner about our program.

4.       Put a write up about this program in you apartment/flat notice board.

5.      Discuss about this program during team outing, family get together etc.

6.      If you are frequent visitor or active member of any website or web logs or any discussion forums, post a message about this program

All are welcome to join this SavingKids Program 2005 target campaign!!!.

To know more about this campaign, please write to SavingKids administrator You can also click here to send a mail to us.


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